Data Plan .001 [EP] by King Mez

One of music’s premier innovators King Mez, representing the Southside of Raleigh (NC), just dropped a profound new project [EP] Data Plan .001. The EP from Mez’s Heirs Entertainment is a two-track project that feels like an entire album in its depth and richness [I was once told that rich is a state of mind / so I stay to mine]. Data Plan’s tracks “The Shift” and “Do or Die” together feel fuller than most current artists’ albums. The project is a soulful, melodic, narrative journey with sonic space reminiscent of great modern architecture and Eastern minimalism. We believe King Mez is the present and future of music. [I got to laugh to keep from crying / it’s hard to keep the peace when people dying / that’s why we keep the piece / for piece of mind]. Check out Mez’s Heirs Entertainment for more.

Listen to Data Plan .001 below + check out pics of King Mez producing @ Wonderful Sound Studios.